Why you should ditch your old headphones for Radiation Free (Air Tube) Headsets.

Who would have thought that Radiation Free Headsets and Headphones would be a thing?

Radiation Free Headsets and Headphones are a simple step in helping to reduce exposure to the EMF overload our bodies have to contend with on a daily basis. More importantly, it is helping to keep the radiation away from our brain!

You are probably aware that holding the phone up to the head when on a call has been linked to brain cancer and various other health issues.

Here is a clip from Australia’s leading brain surgeon, Dr Charlie Teo. In this clip, Dr Teo expresses his concern that mobile phones can cause brain tumours!

Even in your phone manual (if you dig deep enough) it states that the phone should not be touching the body!

Why ditch your normal headphones / headsets?

Because your normal everyday headphones and headsets are not designed to protect you from EMF from your device.

Your everyday headphones / headsets are basically allowing EMF to travel up the wires on your headset and into your ear canal?

Any metal on your headsets may act as an antenna for EMF, which is something we definitely want to avoid!

The wiring goes all the way up to the ear. It has very weak tensile strength, which means it is not as robust. The wiring in the headsets isn’t shielded, so wherever the cabling sits on your body is also being affected by EMF. Most headsets do not have the extra long cabling and therefore you cannot keep a adequate distance from the device.

The speaker is in the earplug, which creates a magnetic field and can cause direct damage to the eardrum and brain.

So, what should I look for when buying headphones or headsets to reduce EMF exposure?

Ask these Questions:

  • Do the headphones / headsets contain metal?
  • Is the wiring shielded?
  • Are the last 15 cm of the headset air tube?
  • How long is the wiring on the headsets?
  • Is the wiring braided to strengthen and extend the life of the headsets?
  • Is there a good sound quality?

These are the 7 Reasons to get our iBrain Radiation Free Headphones and Headsets

  1. The less metal the better

iBrain Radiation Free Headphones and Headsets only have one piece of metal (other than the cabling), and that is on the end piece that inserts into the device. The less metal the headset has the better they are, as metal can act as an antenna for EMF!

  1. Shielded cabling

The design includes 60 strands of pure, copper wire, which are encased around the main wiring, therefore acting as shielding between the wiring and our body. It doesn’t matter where the cabling sits on the body, the body is also protected.

  1. Fine copper wire that is braided

The copper wire is braided. This braiding strengthens the tensile intensity and therefore extends the life of the headset.

  1. Air tubing

Air tubing is used for the last 15.5cms of the headset that leads into the ear. The air tubing isolates the EMF and keeps it from the brain and entering the ear canal, as there is no wiring for the EMF to travel on.

The air tube allows the sound to travel to the ear, giving a safer experience for the user.

  1. Extra long cabling

Extra long cabling is included in our iBrain Radiation Free Headphones and Headsets, allowing the user to keep more of a distance from their EMF emitting device.

  1. Sound Cavity

There is no loudspeaker in the earplug, so it eliminates the magnetic field. This means there is no radiation around the earplug.

  1. Excellent Sound Quality

The air tube in the iBrain Radiation Free Headphones and Headsets allows a more enhanced sound quality for the user.

So there you have it. There is a way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the EMF overload that comes from headphones and headsets. You can purchase our Kids Radiation Free Headsets and adults Radiation Free Headphones from our online store.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Here are testimonials from some of my clients.

After using normal ear buds that came with my phone I would get really bad like pressure in the ears. Also it was like a burning sensation if I had them in too long. When I’d finish wearing them it would feel like my hearing was a bit distorted. Sometimes I would get a dull headache if I wore them for to long.

Wearing the air ear buds it’s like normal listening without having the buds in your ears. I don’t get the pressure sensation and also my hearing is quite normal when finished. I really didn’t know how much they were affecting me till I’ve changed to the air buds. It’s really is way better.

Justine Parsons - 20 August 2020

Dianne came to my home office and helped with sorting out the WiFi mess and suggested radiation free headphones, as I had been suffering ongoing headaches after a day on my mobile phone.

I am happy to say I no longer have buzzing and burning in my ears and headaches are gone. Thank you Dianne for your friendly, prompt and honest service.

Corey Schilling - 25 March 2019

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