Hi. My name is Dianne Elson.

I struggled with and overcame health issues associated with exposure to EMF. Therefore, I would like to share with you about Rest Assured, and how it came to be.

Having read about the adverse health effects associated with exposure to EMF, it was important to me to educate myself on the topic as much as possible.

As a result, I undertook a course in EMF Radiation Assessment and Shielding. Subsequently, I discovered that the unexplained symptoms I was experiencing at that time (insomnia, extreme fatigue and memory loss) were directly linked to exposure to EMF! How ironic!

Dianne - Online Assessment

So I wanted to help others like me!

Eager to learn more, I went on to study Electrobiology (the study of Electromagnetic Fields and their impact on human health).

Most importantly, I needed to understand more concretely how EMF affects the body. As a result, this would enable me to identify symptoms that may be caused through exposure to EMF.

Consequently, Rest Assured came about.

Through Rest Assured Nth Qld, I can explain to parents and business owners the importance of having an EMF assessment. This is because it can be a crucial tool to support the positive, overall health of their home, family or business place.

I can help you reduce exposure to the adverse health effects of EMF. This can be done through local in-home assessments using specialised equipment. I can also work closely with you online to assist with EMF awareness and education.

Impact of Excess EMF

Increasing research is proving EMF to have a major impact on the health and well being of humans, especially our children, so don’t hesitate, take action NOW.

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Are you protecting your family or workers from exposure to EMF?

Are you unsure how to?

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Many thanks to Dianne Elson today for checking EMF where we sleep ect.. Our doggies are now sleeping in a new safe spot ? thank you, and the kids rooms are in the low EMF awesome, bar their computers which is easily fixed with Dianne’s advice. So grateful for all you did today Dianne  Craig’s really happy with your advice with wifi which was my main concern, but he is keen to make our house safe.

P.s we have given your flyer away already to a neighbour, she is also keen to book you after telling her all about it. ?

P.ss Dianne Craig is not on Facebook but just sent me this to add to my post. Carolyn.

Before I met Dianne I thought I knew enough about the health hazards I was exposing my family to. In the time I’ve known her I’ve been shocked, appalled and inspired to make positive changes to my life to protect my little ones and myself. 

I am a massive advocate for health and wellbeing so when i discovered what I had been unwittingly exposing my family to I made some quick and easy changes to my home to get us all safe from EMF and magnetic fields. 

Everyone needs to talk to Dianne – unless you just did last week! Natasha

 I just had an assessment done for Electric Magnetic Fields in my home and business and what a FANTASTIC experience! 

Being very aware of the energy in my environment it was great to get it confirmed that my house was a safe place to live! Dianne is so knowledgable and educates you as she assesses your home. She is very professional and the area of her expertise is extremely interesting.

I strongly believe everyone should have an assessment done in their homes. What blew my mind was the amount that was released by my laptop, especially where the keyboard is. Do yourself a favour and have an assessment done so that you can improve your lifestyle and health in some very simple ways. Charlotte

As a breast cancer survivor, I want to do every thing within my control to reduce my chance of getting breast cancer again. I knew that EMF’s were something that I needed to become more aware of having heard of the dangers. Dianne was able to not only educate me on where the risks were but also help me to reduce my exposure in easy, practical ways. I highly recommend learning about these unseen hazards to our health. Nicole

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Dianne for checking the EMF readings in our home. We have already taken her advice on reducing the amount we expose ourselves and our animals to on a daily basis. I would strongly recommend everyone have Dianne’s knowledge help them and theirs.
Thanks Craig Hardy.

Dianne came to my home office and helped with sorting out the WiFi mess and suggested radiation free headphones as I had been suffering ongoing headaches after a day on my mobile phone.

I am happy to say I no longer have buzzing and burning in my ears and headaches are gone.

Thank you Dianne for your friendly, prompt and honest service. Corey

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