Protecting your family from EMF (wireless devices) – BEWARE OF BOGUS PRODUCTS

Shungite, pendants, plug ins, discs and stickers for mobile phones, devices and general in home protection don’t cut the mustard when it comes to protecting your family from the harmful effects of EMF.

 I am really concerned by the number of people who contact me asking if Shungite, wall plug-ins, discs or stickers or chips to put on mobile phones work, phone cases and laptop protection will help them to protect their family from EMF.

When I see people recommending products on Facebook etc. to their friends, I get an absolute chill in my heart – I virtually get gripped with fear.

This is because I know that most of these “gimmicks” and that is what they are – as confirmed by the Federal Trades Commission (FTC), do not offer any protection at all. Some of the products can even make exposure worse.

Mobile Phone Protection and Wireless device protection.

 It stands to reason that if you have a device attached to your phone and you can still receive a phone call, scroll on Facebook, how then does this protection work?

Some quick points on why they don’t work:

RFR from mobile devices is emitted all around the device – 

I have bought and tested mobile phone cases and pouches and measured them with my meter – still get high readings. Sometimes the device even amplifies the reading.

In some pouches, the mobile phone works harder to find a signal and gets extremely hot.


Really? Is your WiFi still working?

Are you still receiving calls on your mobile?

How can it be working?


I have personally tested Shungite (a crystal) as directed in their instructions and found it didn’t make any difference to the readings taken with the wireless router and also the mobile phone

An EMF technician colleague, as a favour for a friend who wanted to promote shungite as protection against EMF, tested a large piece of shungite on the WiFi router. The readings with the shungite on the router where higher than the readings without the shungite.

 Laptop Trays iPad trays etc.

OMG, it may protect the lap – but where does the radiation go?? It doesn’t get absorbed, it has to bounce back up, straight into the head, torso – anything in its way.

Protecting your family from EMF is a big issue and it can be done quite easily, if you know what you are looking for and what you are protecting against.

 The last thing I have to say about EMF Protection Gimmicks.

By all means, buy these devices, but ALWAYS use your device as if the protection is not working.

If you have bought something, and you can feel a difference for the better – that is awesome, and I am happy to hear it. However, use your devices with care.

Form ARPANSA – Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

Mobile phone devices

These products are attached to the handset and take the form of shielded cases, earpiece pads/shields, antenna clips/caps and absorbing buttons.

  • A cover or device that separates the phone from the head will reduce exposure to some extent but may interfere with the phone’s ability to automatically reduce its power.
  • Tests have shown that many of these devices can reduce your exposure when the phone is set to transmit at maximum power. However, because phones have automatic power control, these shields make the phone work harder, transmitting more power, increasing heat and reducing battery life. The incoming signal to the phone will also be reduced so the phone may not work in poor signal areas.

‘Neutralising’ products

Some products that attach to the phone are advertised as neutralising any harmful effects. Their claims are not consistent with current scientific knowledge and it is difficult, if not impossible, to verify any benefits.

Although sellers of some of these devices have reported biological tests to support health claims, there is no reliable evidence that such devices provide any health benefits other than by perhaps reducing people’s anxiety or by a placebo effect.

ARPANSA does not recommend the use of any protective devices other than approved hands-free accessories that let you keep the phone away from the head during use.

Read more on this HERE.

HERE are some tips for you on how to use your mobile device safely.

Before purchasing any EMF protection products ask yourself:

If I can still receive a signal or use my device wirelessly how can this product possibly work?

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