At last, after 17 years and over $30 million, the US National Toxicology Project (NTP) releases final report.

Evidence confirms that Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) is a category 1 human carcinogen.

RFR is emitted from ALL wireless devices, not just mobile phones.

Think wireless laptops, tablets, Ipads, baby monitors, all smart devices, wireless keyboards, and the humble mouse, cordless phones, mobile phone towers….anything that communicates without a cabled connection.

Check out this video from Dr Charlie Teo, Australia’s famous Brain Surgeon.  The first two minutes will probably do the trick.

The NTP has confirmed what hundreds of other studies have shown:

There is clear evidence between mobile phone radiation and heart and brain cancers.

Other peer-reviewed studies have shown effects on brain development, memory, sleep, fertility headaches, and more. Especially in children.

Tips to reduce your exposure to Radio Frequency Radiation from your mobile phone:

  • NEVER hold your mobile phone up to your head
  • Use speakerphone when talking on your mobile phone or for privacy, use wired air tube headphones.
  • Text instead.
  • Turn data and Wifi off when not needed.
  • Turn phone to flight mode when not using.
  • Never carry your mobile phone on your body.
  • Place the mobile phone on table, bench cupboard when talking – Do not hold in your hand.
  • Do not use your mobile phone when close to children.
  • A mobile phone is not a toy. Do not give to children to play with.

To read more about this study:

A short video:

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