Modern technology poses a serious danger to you and your family’s health because of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) they emit.

In my youth, our home had a TV set without a remote control. You had to get up from your comfy lounge chair to change the channel.

We only had one telephone—it had a cord attached to it, so we couldn’t move around and talk. That came later with the invention of the cordless phone. There were no wireless devices at all.

Old TV Photo by PJ Gal-Szabo on Unsplash

Do you remember? Can you imagine?

Over the years, wireless and ‘smart’ devices have seeped into our homes, workplaces and schools.

Smart TVs, cordless or mobile phones, baby monitors, video game consoles, Wi-Fi modems and boosters, smart watches, digital assistants are among the modern technologies that can impact our health.

Why, because all these devices emit EMF that can affect us in our daily lives. The physiological effects of electromagnetic energy on the human body have been recorded for well over a hundred years. Furthermore, the links between EMF exposure and serious health conditions have been suggested since at least the late 1970s.

Unexplained symptoms could be caused by EMF in your home

I know because it happened to me. I suffered from symptoms that doctors were unable to find a cause for. Subsequently, (and amazingly) the only solution that worked was to control EMF in my environment. And I’m not the only one.

Children are more susceptible to the effects of EMF than adults because:

  • they have thinner skulls so their brains absorb more radiation;
  • their bone marrow absorbs 10x more radiation;
  • rapid cell division makes them particularly vulnerable to radiation;
  • and their brains are still growing.

One home I assessed had two young children who were quite erratic and irritable.

As a parent, knowing this and seeing how EMF can affect your child is truly hard. Imagine your child having their personality completely changed because they are exposed to something that can be controlled in your own home.

Importantly, those two children in the home I assessed calmed considerably following the implementation of one of my solutions.

If you think EMF emanating from modern technology or other sources is affecting you and your family’s health, book a chat with me.

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