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PLEASE NOTE:  I am closing down my business. Once stock has sold out I will no longer be stocking the headsets.

Radiation-Free Earphones (also called Air Tube Earphones) are an ideal way to reduce your EMF exposure. Suitable for any device that uses headsets. *New model iPhones will need a headphone/earphone jack adaptor – these can be sourced from a variety of retail outlets (Big W, Officeworks etc) or online.

EMF and radiation exposure is reduced because the last section of the earphones are hollow plastic tubes, enabling audio to travel to your ears without actual wires. The wires in the lower section are made of metal shielded wire, effectively blocking the EMF in the lower portion of the Earphones.

Available in:

  • gold
  • black
  • rose
  • white

Please note:  air tube tips may vary.

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These earphones feature:

Earplugs without Loudspeaker

1. There is no loudspeaker in the earplug, so it eliminates the magnetic field, which means there is no radiation around the earplug.

Air Tube

1. Patented technology isolates magnetic field and the radiation source.
2. Lengthens the distance between the mobile phone and the user’s body.
3. Reduces mobile phone radiation.
4. Produces a perfect sound reproduction.

Sound Collecting Cavity

1. The earphones are an inversed taper shape making the sound high quality. They collect sound effectively, with a 3D stereo surround sound design.
2. In order to isolate the radiation to the brain, the speakers are positioned in the sound collecting cavity.

Metal Shielded Wire

The wire is made of 60 strands and pure copper wire, preventing the transmission of high-frequency electromagnetic waves, achieving an anti-radiation effect. This also strengthens the tensile intensity and extends service life. With good anti-radiation function, the outside low and high-frequency electromagnetic waves and noise waves can be prevented, enabling an output with high sound quality.

Radiation-Free Earphones can reduce radiation by 99.9% to 0.384 uW/c.

Radiation-Free Earphones can reduce radiation about 60 times than a normal earphone.

Radiation-Free Earphones can reduce radiation about 1380 times compared to using the phone directly.

Additional information

Weight 0.245 kg

Silver, Black, Rose Gold, Gold, White

2 reviews for Radiation-Free Earphones

  1. Justine Parsons

    After using normal ear buds that came with my phone I would get really bad like pressure in the ears. Also it was like a burning sensation if I had them in too long. When I’d finish wearing them it would feel like my hearing was a bit distorted. Sometimes I would get a dull headache if I wore them for to long. Wearing the air ear buds it’s like normal listening without having the buds in your ears. I don’t get the pressure sensation and also my hearing is quite normal when finished. I really didn’t know how much they were affecting me till I’ve changed to the air buds. It’s really is way better. Thanks so much for.

  2. Ashni

    Love these headphones from Dianne!! I just got mine yesterday and my GOD! The difference it made to my head is astounding!! I no longer feel the annoying radiation feeling that I did from the earphones that came with my phone! I used to get earache after wearing those ones and with this radiation free ones, I could wear it for hours and still feel fine.

    The buds that came with this earphones do cancel noise to a degree that I was able to listen to music and audiobooks while I was vacuuming.

    Highly recommend this for anyone who is looking to utilise technology while keeping our health and well being a priority.

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