Screen time or Scream time when you find out later the hazardous health effects associated with the use of mobile devices? 

The No. 1 reason for limiting your child’s use of mobile devices is not just because of screen time, even though screen time is an issue.

I researched the amount of screen time that is applicable to certain age groups and I was shocked at the short time recommended for children. Screen time is not just mobile devices, it is all screen time, including TV.

Here is what I found:

  • A child under the age of 2 is zero screen time
  • Two – five years old less than 1 hr. per day (can you believe that?)

I found this information here:

Children in the five – seventeen age range – wait for it – less than 2 hours per day.

I found that info here:


There are many different reasons for these recommendations, however none of them cover the elephant in the room, and it is a VERY BIG elephant!

 So, let’s be brave and take a look at this very big elephant.

Did you know that mobile devices emit electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) – wow what a mouthful?  What if I just use EMF or RFR for the rest of this article?

 Did you know that EMF RFR like that emitted from mobile phones, wireless devices, WIFI, cordless phones baby monitors etc. has been classified as a possible 2b carcinogen by the World Health Organisation back in 2011?

Did you know in November 2019, the National Toxicology Program released research that covered 10 years and cost up to $30 million finding a clear link between RFR EMF and cancer?

Chronic Health Issues

OK so that’s chronic health issues due to exposure over a longer period of time.

 What about how it affects the human body?

What about short term symptoms of exposure?

Are our kids more vulnerable?

Are there specific health issues experienced by our children?

 Well, let’s find out!

How does using mobile (wireless devices) impact our body.

 Well, there are many ways but let’s just check out a couple here:

It effects our melatonin levels which help:

  • Cancer prevention
  • Strengthen Immune system
  • Circadian Rhythms (sleep)
  • Combats inflammation


  • Damages DNA leading to genotoxicity (damages genetic information within a cell)
  • Gene Mutation ÞPermanent alteration in DNA sequence (possible genetic disorders)
  • DNA Strand breaks

Enhances Calcium Reflux in the cells.

  • Leads to productions of free radicals – which are hazardous to all cells

Effects the permeability of the Blood Brain Barrier which:

  • Prevents toxins, chemicals, heavy metals etc from affecting the nervous system
  • Maintains a constant environment for the brain

What are some of the symptoms of exposure that can be experienced with mobile device use?

 Check out my blog here: 

 Are our kids more vulnerable?

That’s a big YES and here’s why –

 Their skulls are thinner

Their brains contain a higher water content

Their heads are smaller

Their nervous system is still developing

Their reproductive organs are still developing

They have a longer time for latent effects to manifest

 Symptoms experienced by children

Children who use mobile devices are likely to experience:

  • Memory problems
  • Decline of attention
  • Learning Difficulties/cognitive abilities
  • Increased irritability
  • Sleep issues

 (Russian National Committee on Non Ionising Radiation Protection 2008)

So, I think that address’s the elephant in the room.

For some simple tips to reduce exposure to mobile devices, please grab a copy of my Mobile phone tips here, which also apply for other mobile devices .

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