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At Rest Assured Nth Qld, our services focus on assessing, monitoring and reducing EMF in the home and work environment.


The areas of EMF that we focus on are Magnetic Fields and Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR).

AC Magnetic Fields and RFR have both been classified as a possible 2b carcinogen by the World Health Organisation.

But how can I tell if I am exposed to high levels of EMF?

Rest Assured Nth Qld can assist you to assess, monitor and reduce the level of exposure in your home or workplace, with a range of in-person and online services.

An EMF Assessment will provide you with:

A clear picture of any issue areas in your environment.

Solutions to reduce your exposure.

You will be able to tick EMF off your list of possible hazards, leaving you feeling more confident that you have been proactive in taking steps to protect your family or workers.

Specialised equipment is used which provides information that can be analysed to offer solutions to reduce any exposure to EMF.

Time is spent in your home or workplace environment, assessing and measuring the more generally occupied spaces.

Special attention is taken in bedrooms, where at least 8 hours is spent each night. Maintaining a sleeping environment with low levels of EMF is critical, as this is where the body boosts its immune system, regenerates and rejuvenates.

Services are also provided remotely, by working closely online and via telephone with clients to assist them with EMF awareness and education.

Would you like to find out whether EMF is an issue in your Home or Workplace?

We have a range of options.

In-Home & Workplace Assessments for Townsville and Surrounding Areas

All-in-one Online Assessments

$30 for 30 Minute Zoom Sessions

Visit our Online Store to learn more.

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