What an amazing invention!

Virtual Reality Systems are where the user places a headset over their head, in the front of the headset is a slot to place your mobile phone (this is just my explanation – nothing flash). 

The user enters a world of virtual reality and can be transported to an environment that they can be fully immersed in. 

For instance, if a child is in the Virtual World of a theme park with roller coaster rides, the child will feel that they are a part of that environment, they can interact with items and can experience actually being on a roller coaster.

Can you imagine trying to get this child’s attention to let him know that dinner is ready?

The virtual reality world virtually opens up whole new worlds for us to experience and explore.

Unfortunately, there is a downside,

New research has warned that using virtual reality headsets can cause irreversible injuries to our vision, hearing and brain.

Research has found.

Research found that a 3 year old child absorbs about twice as much radiation into the cerebellum (which is responsible for balance, co-ordination and speech) and thirtyfold more into the hippocampus (responsible for memory, emotions, impulse control).

To read more and see computer based modelling of the absorption of microwave radiation into the skull of an adult and a child, check out the article below:

Check article here:



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