In a nutshell EMF stands for electromagnetic fields and is also known as EMR or electromagnetic Radiation and EME or Electromagnetic Energy.

Natural EMF like the earths magnetic field, lightning and the sun is all around us. It travels in wave form in one direction only, cannot go through buildings or structures and is harmless to humans. 

This natural form of radiation has been with us forever.

However, manmade EMF such as that used in our household wiring and the telecommunications industry has only been around us a short time Man made EMF such as magnetic fields (from wired devices) and Radio Frequency Radiation or RFR (from wireless devices) do not travel in one direction, and they can go through buildings and structures.

Power Poles and sub stations in the neighbourhood, underground wiring, your meter box, hot water service, air conditioning units right down to the clock radio by the bedside all emit a magnetic field when they are in use. Magnetic Fields can even catch a ride on your copper or metal water pipes. 

Examples of RFR are the mobile phone tower in the area, cordless phones and wifi routers, mobile phones, fitbits, some baby monitors, game consoles – I think you get the idea!

Could EMF be causing your health issues?

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