You know how you see something and it immediately throws you into a spin.That happened to me today.

I was shopping and I heard a mobile phone ringing, it was coming from the lady next to me. Next thing I saw her pull her mobile phone out from her bra. OH MY GOODNESS, I could’t believe it.

I honestly thought everyone knew about the link to breast cancer and carrying your mobile phone in your bra

Mobile phones emit electromagnetic fields (EMF) or another way of putting it, Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR). Even when you are not using it, the phone is continually sending out a signal to keep in contact with the nearest mobile phone tower.  The only time it isn’t sending out a signal to the closest mobile phone tower is when it is in flight mode or turned off.

Oncologist and Surgical Director of Breastlink and co-founder of BeAware foundation, Dr John West States:

“We have clinical evidence that particularly young women who use their cell phone for prolonged periods of time develop a very unusual form of cancer. What’s so impressive about this is that these cancers occur right underneath the skin where the cellphone was in contact with the breast.

We see multiple (both invasive and non-invasive cancers and the pattern and distribution of the cancer is extremely unusual and especially at such a very young age. The cancers are roughly the same distribution as the cellphone and appear in the same area where the cell phone was placed in direct contact with the breast.”

The image above (Cell Phone Radiation & Breast Cancer), where they drew the dots of where the tumours were and realized it was in the same vicinity as the cell phone.

Video of Dr John West discussing Mobile Phones and breast cancer.


The Bioinitiative report, a report by 29 independent scientists and health experts from around the world about possible risks from wireless technologies and electromagnetic fields from wired and wireless devices noted that biological effects from wireless devices occur at less than 10 microwatts per square metre (name given to the measurement of RFR).


These are some of the measurements I have recorded when I have taken measurements with my meter and my mobile phone. Please keep in mind my meter goes up to 46,000 micro watts per meter square (µW/m²) after that it maxes out and I cannot get a reading.

From a distance of 30 cm away, with the phone on wifi only – readings fluctuated from extremely high to over 46, 0000 µW/m².

With mobile data on:  every 50 Seconds my meter maxes out for around 10 secs

Sometimes every 30 seconds maxes out for 7 secs.

Just from these readings alone, I am sure you can understand the importance of not carrying your mobile phone in your bra, let alone anywhere on your body!

If you do carry your phone on your body, you are going against the instructions in your phone manual which states that the mobile phone should not be carried on the body.

Here is a link for you to access tips on using your mobile phone safely:

It is not just the mobile phone that emits this RFR it is all wireless devices from you WiFi router, to laptops, tablets and iPads, baby monitors, fitbits, SMART TV’s and other smart devices.

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